Residential Docks

Residential aluminum docks can be constructed many ways, each with its own advantages. Depending on the design criteria and utilization, Alumadocks are customized to suit the individual needs of the specific project.

The Original Alumadock

Residential Aluminum Docks by Alumadock Hip RoofThe Original Alumadock line features residential aluminum docks built with a 8″ x 2″ channel, 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. This shape is employed as the main band, heavy flooring joists, and strengthening gussets. This is the industry standard boat dock.

X9® Aluminum Docks

Residential Aluminum Docks by Alumadock Gable X9Our newest line, The X9® features decades of technological and engineering advances over the industry standards. Interlocking shapes, over 30 different custom profiles or parts and incorporating engineered plastics, including UHMWPE, polypropylene and HDPE, the X9® has been designed for ultra low maintenance, as well as ultimate strength. The culmination of a combined 18 years of design effort, tweaking, brainstorming and engineering, the X9® has no peer.

Roofing for our Aluminum Docks

Residential Aluminum Docks by Alumadock Sundeck ComboEngineered to increase the total strength of the aluminum dock system, our roofs utilize 8″ channel for all trusses, rafters and bands. Octagonal 4″ posts create a strong support system without the need for additional bracing. We interlock our posts to both the roof and floor systems with engineered structural shapes. With 19 stock colors available, our 26 gauge PBR panel features an 80,000 psi minimum tensile strength and 40 year warranty. Different from the competition, all roofs come standard with terminated ridge caps, color matched watertight fasteners and finishing trim.

Residential Dock Anchoring Systems

Residential Aluminum Docks by Alumadock Dock Anchoring SystemsThere are several determining factors for the consideration of a dock anchoring system. Water depth, waterway traffic, wave height and frequency, projected wind speeds and water level fluctuations all contribute to different needs and requirements. By fully analyzing the site locations of thousands of installs, we have been able to refine our anchoring to satisfy most any situation.